Terms & Conditions
  1. The  Organiser  of the competition is Terrapinn Australia Pty Limited (ABN 83 105 000 762), the organiser of the EduTECH Exhibition
  2. The  Competition  takes the form of a ‘Passport’ system or a ‘treasure hunt’ designed to encourage  Eligible Contestants  to visit the entire exhibition and collect stamps / QR codes from the  Participating Exhibitors
  3. Participating Exhibitors  will be listed on the  Event Floorplan  and on the  EduTECH website  at  www.edutech.net.au
  4. Eligible Contestants  are any delegates and exhibition visitors who live in Australia and are over the age of 18 years old on or before 6 June 2019; who visited the EduTECH exhibition between the hours of 9:00am on 6 June and 2:00pm 7 June 2019; and who work for an organisation that USES technology or services (not suppliers). Therefore, a person may enter if they work for any school, business, organisation or government department that is NOT involved in providing technology solutions, services or advice.
  5. In order to enter,  Eligible Contestants  need to collect all the QR codes from  Participating Exhibitors  at EduTECH and hidden QR codes around the expo
  6. 6. Vendors and solution suppliers (including suppliers of any type of equipment and/or technology) are NOT allowed to enter the competition
  7. Only one entry per person is allowed.
  8. There will be only 3 winners of the  Prize  which is a Flight centre gift voucher worth $5,000 for 1 st prize, $3,000 for 2 nd prize and $2,000 for 3 rd prize.
  9. All entries will be validated by the organiser after the closing time of 2:30pm on 7 June 2019.
  10. The  Organiser  accepts no responsibility for late, lost or misdirected entries
  11. The draw will take place at approximately 3:00pm on 7 June 2019 (only after all entries are validated to ensure only Eligible Contestants  are included)
  12. The announcement of the prize winner will be near to the display of the car in the centre of the EduTECH exhibition.
  13. Eligible Contestants  must have personally visited the exhibition to be eligible.
  14. Eligible Contestants  must have collected at least 10 stamps / QR codes from Participating Exhibitors and hidden QR codes around the expo
  15. Your name and contact details must be correct and clearly visible on the  Competition Form ; and you must have provided a  Unique Email Address  (i.e. this email address cannot be shared with anyone else)
  16. If the  Winner  is not present at the draw, they will be notified via phone or email.
  17. The  Organiser  reserves the right, at any time, to verify the validity of entries and entrants (including age, place of residence, place of employment and job title) and to disqualify any entrant who submits and invalid entry or tampers with the entry process. If the winner is deemed ineligible, a re-draw will occur within 7 days of the original draw.
  18. Staff from exhibiting companies are not allowed to enter the competition
  19. Entry details remain the property of the  Organiser
  20. To ensure that the winner is eligible, the prize will only be awarded after the appropriate checks have been made.
  21. The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  22. By accepting the prize, the  Winner  agrees to participate and cooperate as required in all editorial and promotional activities arranged by the  Organiser ; and in particular, that their full  name, photo and name of their organisation can be used by the  Organiser  in future promotional activity
  23. The prize must be collected by the  Winner  from a Terrapinn Australia staff member.
  24. The  Winner  is responsible for all other expenses not specified in this competition, including but not limited to insurance, transport to the dealership to collect the prize and/or any expense incurred to deliver the car to the winner’s address
  25. The  Organiser  accepts no tax implications that may arise from winning the prize. Liability for any tax arising out of the winning the prize is the responsibility of the  Winner .
  26. The  Organiser  may in its absolute discretion deem entries invalid subsequent to a winner being notified or a winner’s name being announced if it is discovered that the winner did not enter the competition in accordance with the  Terms and Conditions . In these circumstances an additional drawer will be conducted. The Organiser’s decision is final and will not enter into any further correspondence.
  27. The  Organiser  may in its absolute discretion cancel, modify or suspend the  Competition  in the event that the EduTECH Exhibition  or this  Competition  is not capable of running as planned, cancelled or interfered with to such an extent that it makes it unsuitable to promote or proceed with the  Competition.
  28. The  Organiser  does not accept any liability, loss or damage caused (in any way whatsoever, whether direct or indirect) to anyone as a result of winning the  Prize .





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