Thursday 8 June 2017

Day One Expo Main Stage Program


10:40 | Understand the Always-on Generation: Hyperinformation and the Rewiring of the Human Brain

  • Find out how hyperinformation is rewiring the brains of our always-on generation
  • Discover effective, research-based strategies for engaging modern learners
  • Access an extensive digital library of specifically aligned resources and strategies

Ian Jukes, Founder, Infosavvy Group

11:20 | Global Developments in Education and Skills: The Education 2030 Framework

  • Find about about the Education 2030 project and the work being done across 25 countries to embed 21st century competencies into teaching, learning and assessment practices
  • Gain insight into the way different countries and schooling authorities are addressing some of the wicked issues in education through innovative schools networks and other disruptive strategies
  • Understand the key drivers for change and the kind of competencies our young people need to acquire to live, work and thrive in a volatile, unpredictable, complex and ambiguous world.

Dr Phil Lambert PSM, Adjunct Professor, University of Sydney and Nanjing Normal University

11:40 | Systems Innovation

  • What are some of the challenges we face in step changing our Education Systems?
  • How can we best adapt to become agile, innovative learners

Charles Leadbeater, Author of Frugal Innovator and We-Think and Senior Research Associate, Desmos, UK


12:10 | TES Global presentation

Rob Grimshaw, Chief Executive Officer, TES Global

1:10 | FIRST robotic challenge with the Barker Redbacks' student team

  • Could your students design, build and program a sophisticated robot in under 6 weeks?
  • Find out how to compete in the FIRST Robotics Challenge World Championships, here and overseas.
  • See robots in action, and learn how to develop a robotics program that builds excellence in STEM

Lael Grant, Robotics Co-ordinator, Computer Science Teacher, Barker, and student team

2:00 | Real world and out of this world

  • An Educator, Engineer and former NASA Astronaut, Astronaut Greg Chamitoff will simply "blow you away".
  • Find out how to STEM education to the very next level

Greg Chamitoff, Prof. Aerospace Engineering, Texas A&M University

The Future Parents Expo Main Stage Program


3:00 | Fostering Entrepreneurship through Kidpreneurs

  • Kidpreneur Challenge is a national competition for years 4, 5 and 6 showcasing the innovation capacity of Australia's young entrepreneurs
  • Kidpreneurs build a business, sell products at market, donate profits to charity, and pitch their ideas to real entrepreneurs
  • Find out why and how to foster entrepreneurship in the next generation, from the youngest of ages

Creel Price, Entrepreneur and Founder, Club Kidpreneur


3:20 | Healthy food demo for school canteens

  • Healthy body, healthy mind - find out how to set your students up for lifelong health

Zoe Bingley-Pullin, Celebrity Chef and Nutritionist, Falling in Love with Food


4:20 | Tech Girls are Superheroes

  • Find out why and how to change beliefs, value and culture around STEM, TECH and gender
  • See what it takes to seed a superhero culture in your learning organisation
  • Take the tech girls movement to the global stage!

Jenine Beekhuyzen, Founder and Lecturer, Tech Girls' Movement and Griffith University

5:00 | A matter of difference: How to foster Inclusion

  • Why do we need to be inclusive
  • Strategies for inclusion in schools
  • Benefits beyond the classroom

Najla Turk, Diversity and Inclusion Integration Specialist, ConnEQt

Friday 9 June 2017

Day Two Expo Main Stage Program

9:10 | Increasing Student Agency and Engagement through the use of AWE

  • Examine theoretical and practical underpinnings of STEAM from a classroom context.
  • Discover a range of proven strategies to encourage the "wow factor" to increase student independence and self-direction.
  • Benefit by harnessing elements of design thinking, PBL, and mastery learning to invigorate student engagement.

Brian Host, ICT Integrator, Learning Coach & Classroom Teacher, Inaburra School

9:30 | Green Screen Curriculum Integration for K-6 Students

  • Discover the cutting edge technology of green screening in K-6, and get your students collaborating through emergent classroom technologies
  • Find out how to transform your learning and teaching programs into engaging, innovative lessons.
  • Transition the writers of today to become the media scriptwriters, playwrites, e-journalists, storytellers and marketeers of tomorrow.

Grant Jones, Educator and pre-service Teacher Educator, St. Mary's School

10:10 | Changing the role of the School Librarian to a Resource Centre Manager

Kieran Moors, Senior Leader and Learning Resources Manager, Aldinga Beach B-7 School, SA

10:30 | Power of Play

  • Connect with untapped opportunities in your library
  • Unleash the creative genius of your learning community

Philip Minchin, Play, imagination & learning advisor

10:50 | Using makerspace activities to promote creativity, innovation and engagement (20 mins)

  • Lessons to share from Te Papa for public libraries on maker space in learning innovation
  • Getting started - where to find the best resources and examples of how they can be used
  • Future directions in the maker movement

Miri Young, Head of Learning Innovation, Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

12:50 | Knowing, Doing and Being - A Whole School Community Approach

  • Explore relational processes and tools
  • Use Digital Technologies as a tool to connect school, family and community
  • Build successful partnerships

Torres Webb, Senior Community Engagement Project Officer, Indigenous Performance, Far North Queensland Region

1:40 | Your Eye, on the Future

  • What is the true nature of educators' most valuable and important work?
  • Why is there an imperative for change, and what is the urgency?
  • How do we move schools and systems from education to learning?

Paul Taylor, Founder and School Principal, iOnTheFuture and NSW DEC