The Higher Ed Leaders Congress brings together leading figures to discuss the significant changes underway in higher education globally, the key role of technology to remain competitive, how to enhance student learning and engagement and ways to grow partnerships and collaboration.

Increasing international competition, funding challenges, changing demographics, new technology and an increasingly mobile student population are just some of the disruptions to Higher Education sector.

Learn how to adapt to these changes to remain competitive and relevant in an increasingly digital and disruptive world. Higher Education challenge and change agenda when managed well, will deliver greater opportunities.






  • Innovative sessions on learning through online, blended, MOOCs, Flipped Classroom, mobility and more
  • Big picture discussions on disruption, future proofing and reform
  • Lots on student retention, engagement and employability
  • What's hot in Higher Education EmTech - Gamification, Augmented Reality & IoT
  • Strategic presentations on ways of collaborating, building partnerships and improve operations




Leadership & Management

  • Vice Chancellors
  • Deputy VCs
  • Pro VCs
  • Provosts
  • Executive Directors
  • Directors and Executives


Faculty Staff

  • Deans
  • Heads of School
  • Faculty Heads
  • Learning Directors
  • Instructional and educational designers
  • Senior Lecturer
  • eLearning



  1. Network with Higher Education leaders, share experiences and identify opportunities to collaborate
  2. Gain insights on how to prepare for the challenges and opportunities in the age of tertiary disruption
  3. Improve graduate employability
  4. Prepare students for economies of the future