DAY ONE | Thursday, 8 June 2017


9:00 | Opening and Welcome by Plenary Chair

Maxine McKew, Former Commonwealth Parliamentary Secretary, National Media Personality, Author, and Hon Fellow, Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne


9:10 | Growth Mindset - Culture and Strategy

  • Connect with our world authority on Growth Mindset, and access up-to-date research and practice
  • Discover how to implement Growth Mindset to build and support learning cultures
  • Understand how to deploy and develop effective growth strategies

Prof. Carol Dweck, Lewis and Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology, Stanford University



9:40 | Panel Session: A Global Context for Education in meeting the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Hear from NGO leaders about the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Learn from global and national thinkers about the opportunity to respond to a range of pressing issues facing our planet
  • Find out what educational leaders are doing to respond to these goals in their teaching and learning

Panellists Include:
Caroline McMillen, Vice-Chancellor, University of Newcastle
Dr Helen Szoke, Chief Executive, Oxfam Australia
Dermot O'Gorman, CEO, WWF Australia

10:20 | Morning Tea


Opening remarks from Higher Ed Leaders Chair

David Bowser, PhD , Managing Director, Curio Group


11:00 | Preparing students for the economies of the future

  • How tertiary education is being disrupted and the challenge facing traditional universities
  • How preparing students for the new economies will mean an increased blending of business skills with bachelor degrees, and the need for all graduates to have 'enterprise skills'.
  • Jack Hylands, CEO, Ducere Global Business School

    11.40 | PANEL DISCUSSION: Funding and the Demand Driven System - what's ahead?

    • Current state on Higher Education policy and regulation
    • Higher Education funding shortfall and options
    • Student fees
    • Issues with student loans
    • Financial sustainability and innovative funding

    Dr David Bowser, PhD, Managing Director, Curio Group
    Panel Members
    Professor Marcia Devlin, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Quality), Federation University Australia Professor Caroline McMillen, Vice-Chancellor, University of Newcastle


    11.40 | Keeping pace with technology change

    • Management strategies for keeping pace with technology change in education
    • Communication and support strategies for broad absorption of technology in education

    Dr. Simon Collyer, Teaching and Learning Support, The University of Queensland

    12:20 | Lunch


    1.50 | Strategies to improve regional student engagement

    • Improving regional student engagement and how to lower student attrition and improve student outcomes
    • Student retention and success plan: new initiatives for regional student engagement
    • How to embed engagement with students and the community

    Professor Marcia Devlin, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Quality), Federation University Australia

    2.30 | Women in STEM

    • Reasons behind the under representation of women in STEM
    • Strategies to promote women to study Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)
    • University, School and Industry programs to promote women in STEM

    Professor Caroline McMillen, Vice-Chancellor, University of Newcastle


    2.50 | Graduate employability and productivity: The future of tertiary education

    • Latest findings on Graduate Employability
    • Outcomes for graduate productivity
    • Spotlight on overseas graduate outcomes
    • Strategies to improve employability and productivity
    Dr Shelley Kinash, Associate Professor Higher Education Learning and Teaching, Bond University

    3:10 | Afternoon tea and exhibition viewing



    4.00 | Breakout seminars

    Choose your 3 favourite seminars. All seminars are 30mins and will run in 3 rotations with 10mins in between each rotation to allow you to move between seminar rooms.



    5:40 | Networking drinks

    7:00 | Gala Dinner

    DAY TWO | Friday, 9 June 2017

    Opening remarks from the Chair
    Michael Christodoulou
    , Manager Advisory Services General Manager NSW, Darlo Higher Education


    9.00 | Mobile is the new blend

    A new take on 'blended' learning, explaining and exploring how mobile lifestyles and close to 100% ownership of mobile devices by students can be exploited to achieve greater student satisfaction and achievement.
    Professor Gilly Salmon, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education Innovation), University of Western Australia


    9.50 | Trends shaping higher education and the implications for university leaders

    Enabling our future in the age of disruption: the challenges and opportunities for university leaders in a digitally enabled world.
    Professor Jane den Hollander, Vice-Chancellor, Deakin University


    10:10 | BlendEd: Paving the way to learning anytime, anywhere : De La Salle University - Philippines

    The presentation will show how a developing country like the Philippines with a seemingly huge internet connectivity struggle, is striving to adopt and adapt technology in education and these kinds of learning and teaching delivery to develop and enhance the students' 21st century and work readiness skills. There are many disruptions to face-to-face classroom sessions in the Philippines such as the 20 typhoons in a year and huge shortage in classrooms. Find out how De La Salle University with over 15,000 students and 800 teachers has started to adopt and adapt in the blended way of class delivery. What are the challenges, successes, benefits and best practices in blended learning using a virtual learning environment/LMS

    Jenielyn E. Padernal, Director, Centre for Innovative Learning Programs, Faculty Business Management Department, De La Salle University - Dasmariñas, Philippines


    10:20 | Morning Tea


    11.10 | Open, Blended & Online Learning at CSU

    How CSU is applying benchmarking, change management and learning analytics to the introduction of Open, Blended and Online Learning

    Associate Professor Philip Uys, Director, Learning Technologies, Charles Sturt University

    11.50 | How to systematically connecting assessment with learning in Higher Education

    • Lessons from the introduction of a Faculty wide assessment software system
    • How we improved assessment and support Assurance of Learning (AoL)
    • How we are systematically connecting assessment with learning

    Danny Carroll, Manager Business Digital Learning, UNSW Business School Professor


    11.30 | Strategies to improve Higher Ed relationships for India & Australia

    What are the opportunities, challenges and solutions:

    • Partnerships and engagement
    • India graduate outcomes
    • MOOCs in India
    • Content sharing

    Professor Susan Elliott, Deputy Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor International, University of Melbourne

    12:00 | Lunch




    1.50 | Continuous improvement in Higher Ed at MQ to add value, safeguard and complement the student and staff experience

    • The process in establishing and embedding Business Process Improvement Initiative (BPII) at MQ
    • Why we chose Lean methodology as the improvement methodology and how it underpins the philosophy that people will learn by doing and how it empowers staff, the experts in their own business processes
    • How we delivering quantifiable benefits through the creation of motivated teams that work collectively, across all areas of the University, to improve processes and the experiences of staff and students

    Valerie Runyan, Director, Business Process Improvement Initiative, Macquarie University


    2.10 | PANEL DISCUSSION How collaboration is driving Higher Education innovation

    • Developing partnerships and alliances between universities, government, industry and communities
    • Implementing a collaborative approach to higher education and research collaboration is driving Higher Education innovation
    • Examples of combining resources and forming alliances
    • Shared Services and Outsourcing

    Renee Hindmarsh, Executive Director, Australian Technology Network of Universities (ATN)
    Valerie Runyan, Director, Business Process Improvement Initiative, Macquarie University


    2:30 | Afternoon Tea


    3.10 | Great Game of Education - how we implemented a groundbreaking financial initiative at MSSU
    MSSU will be the first higher education institution to implement the Great Game of Education - why it was essential in putting MSSU's finances on a sustainable path.

    • What is GGoE and why it was implemented at MSSU
    • How we implemented GGoE
    • Implementing open-book management & University Scorecard

    Dr Scott Cragin, Professor of Marketing and Management, Missouri Southern State University USA




    3.50 | Governance, Risk & Compliance -Higher Education Standards Framework

    Update on the Higher Education Standards Framework and ensuring the new regulations are met and challenges are overcome

    Anthony McClaran, CEO, Tertiary Education Quality & Standards Agency (TEQSA)




    4.10 | Employee wellness programs

    Help employees identify and cope with stress to better improve the well-being not just of the employees themselves but the university as a whole. Employee wellness programs that emphasize comprehensive stress management and resilience have significant bottom-line outcomes for business

    • How to help employees maintain work-life balance
    • How managing employee stress leads to a healthier universities

    Dr Caroline West


    4:30 | Close of HigherEd Leaders Congress


    3:55 | Welcome back by Plenary Chair

    Maxine McKew, Former Commonwealth Parliamentary Secretary, National Media Personality, Author, and Hon Fellow, Graduate School of Education University of Melbourne


    4:00 | Embracing the New Work Order

    • Hear leading new research about the changing nature of the enterprise
    • Adapt and respond in the face of rapid technological and workplace change
    • Identify the entrepreneurial skills required by today's youth and workforce


    4.40 | Plenary Chair Closing Remarks
    Maxine McKew, Former Commonwealth Parliamentary Secretary, National Media Personality, Author, and Hon Fellow, Graduate School of Education University of Melbourne