Delegates split into smaller groups where they have the option to attend 3 x 30 minute repeated Breakout sessions OR 1 x 110 min Workshop. There will be 10 minutes between each breakout rotation to allow you to move between rooms.

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Interactive Content = Opening a Can of Worms

As staff develop skills in blended learning, they seek to provide students with engaging interactive content that they can create themselves. The development of an LTI for Brightspace and the open source H5P interactive tool has not only enabled this but has brought about organisational change beyond our expectations.

Michael Sturmey, Associate Director of Learning Environments, Victoria University

How to Best Deploy Cost Effective Hybrid Cloud Solution for Schools?

In this session, you will get an insight into what NAS (Network Attached Storage) can empower you to solve the massive data storage needs, enhance back up and data recovery measures and streamline sharing among multiple faculties. You can also learn how to build a secured private cloud that integrates public cloud infrastructure and utilize NAS as hypervisor that you can be a master of P2V ( Physical to Virtual).

Robert Wang, Technical Consultant, QNAP

Accelerate Digital Transformation in Higher Education

In today's knowledge economy, information matters the most. Many leaders in higher education institutes are aware of this and are consistently looking for ways to go digital, making it easier to find desired information, collaborate with peers and comply with regulations - ultimately deliver better services to students.

Come to our session and get our tips on how to go digital by starting your digital transformation journey with the help of Enterprise Content Management (ECM). We'll take you through each stage of the journey with our Digital Transformation Model, a roadmap to creating a digital workplace. Through this structured framework, you'll be equipped with all the necessary tools, whether you're just getting started on going digital, or taking the next step in the journey. Join our session to transform your organization!

Jasmine Park, Business Development Management, Laserfiche International

Accelerate Digital Transformation in Higher Education

An entire new generation of students, born with mobility and the internet are coming to your campus today. Wearables, Smart Phones, Connected Devices, Streaming iTunes and gaming - are all second nature to them. These new 'Digital Natives' are learning, consuming, interacting and collaborating on campus digitally in new ways unlike before. And an increasingly 'hyper-connected' campus with devices interacting with each other, whether it's the projector in the classroom to sensors in the lab reporting data to smart phones, has arrived.

Is your network geared up to meet this exponentially growing demand while securing both traditional and new types of devices to deliver an elevated student experience?

Can your network be used in intelligent ways to enhance student services such as tracking digital attendance, lost devices or securing your campus perimeter?

How do you optimize and prioritize traffic on your network for today and the future by understanding who, what apps and when is the data being consumed?

Come Join David White, Director of System Engineering at Ruckus as we explore how network performance and seamless accessibility defines the new student experience

David White, Director of Systems Engineering, Ruckus Australia and New Zealand

Case Study Presented by RMIT

Jeev Thava, Project Manager. Technology, University Operations, RMIT Information Technology Services

Unleashing Superheroes: Creating a Digital Learning Strategy for the Modern Workplace

Are you delivering your online learning programmes in the right way? The traditional model of workplace learning delivery is based on a false premise. It assumes that one-off learning events can be effective, when nothing is further from the truth. After all, learning happens over time, not at a moment in time. We've got to start treating learning like a journey, rather than the destination. Find out how, as Juliette Denny unveils the '5 Step Behaviour Change Formula' and reveals the secret to learner engagement. You'll learn about Gamification, Social Learning, Personalisation, Mobile Learning and much, much more!

Juliette Denny, Managing Director AKA. Ideologist in Chief, Growth Engineering