Choose your 3 favourite seminars. All seminars are 30mins and will run in 3 rotations with 10mins in between each rotation to allow you to move between seminar rooms.

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Interactive Content = Opening a Can of Worms
As staff develop skills in blended learning, they seek to provide students with engaging interactive content that they can create themselves. The development of an LTI for Brightspace and the open source H5P interactive tool has not only enabled this but has brought about organisational change beyond our expectations.

Michael Sturmey, Associate Director of Learning Environments, Victoria University

Accelerate Digital Transformation in Higher Education
In today's knowledge economy, information matters the most. Many leaders in higher education institutes are aware of this and are consistently looking for ways to go digital, making it easier to find desired information, collaborate with peers and comply with regulations - ultimately deliver better services to students.

Come to our session and get our tips on how to go digital by starting your digital transformation journey with the help of Enterprise Content Management (ECM). We'll take you through each stage of the journey with our Digital Transformation Model, a roadmap to creating a digital workplace. Through this structured framework, you'll be equipped with all the necessary tools, whether you're just getting started on going digital, or taking the next step in the journey. Join our session to transform your organization!

Jasmine Park, Business Development Management, Laserfiche International