'Designed by school ICT managers....attended by school ICT Managers'

Ideas, advice and lessons-learnt for school ICT Managers and Network Administrators who are responsible for purchasing IT solutions, as well as, building, managing and supporting school ICT infrastructure, plus ensuring students and teachers operate in a secure learning environment.


This is Australia's largest and leading event designed to show school IT buyers and decision-makers how to best-manage their IT assets, including desktops, laptops, notebooks, printers, scanners, file servers, uninterrupted power supplies, broadband, internet security solutions and even IT leasing.


This is not a 'teaching' conference, rather a techie conference designed to complement the School Business Managers Congress....and support the K12 Ed Leaders Congress.



  • K-12 ICT Directors and Managers
  • Chief Information Officers (CIOs)
  • Network Administrators (LANs, WANs, Internet)
  • Cyber Security Experts
  • BYOD Coordinator
  • Asset and Infrastructure Managers
  • Technicians, ICT Administrators, and Support Crew
  • Principals and educators doubling up as ICT Tech Experts



  • Get on top of Cyber Security, Wi-Fi and BYOD
  • Access leading educational technology
  • Hear the latest ICT trends in student assessment
  • Experience disruptive technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, and expert systems
  • Discover opportunities for analytics, with data driven learning gains
  • See how others are managing their networks, including LMSes and cloud-based solutions
  • Explore on-campus process automation



  • Growth Mindset - Culture and Strategy
  • Panel Session: A Global Context for Education in meeting the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Equalizing education for emerging markets
  • The Future of Student Assessment
  • NBN Skymuster - Pumping up digital access for Australian schools
  • National cross-sectoral interoperability of IT infrastructure for Australian schools
  • PISA: What can we learn from the world's best known and largest assessment?
  • NAPLAN Online Tailored Tests
  • Panel Session: Connecting with education
  • Data Leadership for high performance school systems
  • Strategic ICT and eLearning in schools
  • Unwrapping Digital Personalisation
  • Adversity or Opportunity
  • Embracing the Collaborative Online Classroom, Now and in the Future
  • Understand the Always-on Generation: Hyperinformation and the Rewiring of the Human Brain
  • Global Developments in Education and Skills: The Education 2030 Framework
  • Systems Innovation
  • FIRST robotic challenge with the Barker Redbacks' student team
  • Real world and out of this world
  • Tech Girls are Superheroes
  • Green Screen Curriculum Integration for K-6 Students
  • Power of Play
  • Your Eye, on the Future
  • Best practice in Digital Device usage for student Visual Health
  • Embracing the New Work Order



Catch EduTECH's plenary sessions to be inspired and refreshed by the world leaders in education, and:

  • Find out from ACARA's Dr Stanley Rabinowitz how assessment, including NAPLAN, is changing.
  • Understand trends in online adaptive and expert technologies, and how this will impact you and your students
  • See the latest in data leadership, real-time data blending, digital dashboards and learning personalisation
  • Learn from case studies in eLearning, remote access, and ICT upskilling to widen, deepen and elevate learning
  • Prepare for and access the opportunities that ICT interoperability between educational systems is bringing nationally, internationally and cross-sectorally, with a panel session from the National Schools Interoperability Program (NSIP)
  • Get the latest on Skymuster and broadband deployment as you listen to expert advise from Rosanna Lacorcia in relation to the National Broadband Network
  • Hear from NGO leaders about the UN sustainable development goals, and learn how to truly lead in your domain



At the ICT Directors and Managers Congress this year you will:

  • Get your hands on the best and brightest tools, technologies, hardware, software, products and systems
  • Connect with the latest educational trends and trajectories
  • Learn from a range of school based ICT case studies, including ICT upskilling in the largest classroom in the world
  • Find out how to lead a positive response to the wellbeing needs of digital natives
  • Hear shorter and sweeter 20 minute sessions with 20+ speakers over the 2 days
  • Get excited as EduTECH moves back to Sydney at the new International Convention Centre
  • Step into the BIGGEST education expo in the Southern Hemisphere



  • Dr Stanley Rabinowitz, General Manager, Assessment and Reporting, ACARA
  • Rosanna Lacorcia, National Stakeholder Relations Manager, National Broadband Network
  • Matt Farmer, Program Lead - Products and Market Engagement, National Schools Interoperability Program (NSIP)
  • Steve Loquet, CIO, NSW Department of Education & Training
  • Michael O'Leary, Executive Director, Web & Digital Delivery, Department of Education and Training Queensland
  • Raju Varanasi, Chief Information Officer, Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta
  • Dr Kate Highfield, Technology in Education Researcher, Swinburne University
  • Mary-Lou O'Brien, Chief Digital Officer, Melbourne Girls Grammar
  • Dr William Newman, ICT Leader in Distance Ed, Alice Springs School of the Air, NT DEC
  • Hugo van Niekerk, ICT Director, Mazenod College WA