Ali Alyassin | Student
Cecil Andrews College | Australia

Ali Alyassin, Student, Cecil Andrews College

My name is Ali Alyassin, and I am a Year 11 student at Cecil Andrews College. Here's a little bit about myself: I was born in the humble city of Nasiriyah, approximately 360 Kilometres South-East of the capital of Iraq, Baghdad. My time in Iraq as a toddler was short lived, due to the wars and other violent events that carried on in Iraq. My parents decided to risk it all and moved to Australia; in the hopes of a better life for themselves and a brighter future for myself. To be quite frank with you I think it was the best decision they’ve ever made. A really big future goal for me would be: to become the proud owner of my own successful business, preferably an engineering business to work with aircraft construction companies. All I know is that I want to be my own boss and have great power to a certain extent. I would really like to achieve this goal, not only for myself, but for my parents and everyone else that has believed in my ambitions since day one.


Expo Main Stage - Day Two @ 10:20

Students' perspective on a STEM focussed P-TECH program

  • Hear Principal interview two students on their first-year experiences with Cecil Andrews College's P-TECH pilot program
  • See how students directly engaged with companies and how this helped students to better understand the relevance of their learning
  • Understand this global innovation, STEM-focussed model

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