Christopher Hales | Enterprise Systems Administrator
John Paul College | Australia

Christopher Hales, Enterprise Systems Administrator, John Paul College

Christopher Hales is a Systems Administrator with over 15 years’ experience in education with a background in information security and network infrastructure. Chris has developed an integrated security solution for John Paul College leveraging a combination of industry best practice and a host of commercial, third party and custom developed tools. Red, blue or purple – for those in the know, Chris wears all hats.


Day 2 @ 14:50

Who said we were vulnerable?

Like many education institutions, our College IT systems have grown and evolved over time and have seen constant change through application updates and changes to system configurations. Even when keeping security controls up to date it is possible to introduce vulnerabilities that leave the business susceptible to attack, exploitation and sabotage.
last published: 21/May/19 23:55 GMT

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