Claire Seldon | Learning Design
NSW Department of Education | Australia

Claire Seldon, Learning Design, NSW Department of Education

Claire Seldon is a Science and Technology teacher who works as a Learning Designer with the NSW Department of Education. She uses her ICT background to create digital teaching resources for students to use in the classroom with a focus on gamification and emerging VR/AR/MR experiences.


Day 1 @ 15:20

Using virtual reality in education: A casestudy

  • Many of our students live in rural and remote areas where the cost of excursions can be prohibitive. Virtual reality experiences offer students a chance to see spaces in far more detail than a photograph or video.
  • When the virtual reality experience is detailed and students have choice you provide them with a more meaningful learning experience.
  • The NSW Department of Education and The Botanic Gardens Trust are currently working together to create a virtual reality bushwalk of the endangered Cumberland Plains woodland present at their Mount Annan site.
last published: 21/May/19 23:55 GMT

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