David Bond | Senior Lecturer
University of Technology Sydney | Australia

David Bond, Senior Lecturer, University of Technology Sydney

David joined the UTS Business School in 2003, and is currently a Senior Lecturer in the Accounting Discipline Group. Since 2012 he has been a regular guest on 2SER, including covering three Federal Budgets. In 2013 he held the position of Academic Fellow at the International Financial Reporting Standards Foundation in London, and in 2015 was a visiting academic at the London School of Economics. David has an active interest in the role of emerging technology and social media in the learning environment. Through his work in this area, David has received a number of awards, including an Australian Government Office for Learning & Teaching Citation.


Day 1 @ 11:20

BREAKOUT 02 | Beyond the lecture hall - taking your innovation to the world

45 mins
  • How to share your idea
  • Learn how to design for use - the importance of user feedback
  • Common struggles with creating, deploying, and scaling learning experiences

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