Donelle Batty | Project Manager Social Media
Department of Education Tasmania | Australia

Donelle Batty, Project Manager Social Media, Department of Education Tasmania

Donelle has been a teacher with the Department of Education, Tasmania, since 1996. In recent times she has used gaming, social media and social technologies to engage students in the learning process. In 2013 Donelle and three colleagues set up a Rotation Curation Twitter account, which is still running and is called @EduTweetOz, it has since been handed to new admin to manage. In 2014/15 Donelle participated in a Hardie Fellowship to the USA where she taught undergraduate students about education technology with a focus on social media and continued her learning in this area. This combined with study at UTAS has led to being awarded a Master of Education with Honours – the research focused on understanding the impact of a rotation curation twitter account on the guest tweeters.  Donelle has recently stepped out of the classroom to take on the role of Project Manager Social Media for the Department of Education, Tasmania. In this role, she is focussed on developing appropriate strategies to ensure the department has a managed online presence including through internet, identified social media and mobile applications to enhance communication with target audiences.


Day 1 @ 14:40

Telling our story- developing a responsive, agile and flexibly approach

  • Gaining insights into the story telling strategies of the Tasmanian Department of Education
  • Mitigating potential risks when engaging and informing the community
  • Providing support, mentoring and guidance to professionals managing school and business media accounts

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