Elissa Mckenzie | Manager, Vocational Education Design
RMIT | Australia

Elissa Mckenzie, Manager, Vocational Education Design, RMIT

Elissa manages the VE Design Team at RMIT University. This is a VET specific learning design team, comprising of learning designers, educational designers, assessment writers, copy writers, web developers, multimedia designers and graphic designers. Elissa has worked in the VET sector since 2005. Prior to that, Elissa worked in community education, higher education and ESL. She began her VET career in compliance and quality management and managed private RTOs. Drawing on her media and communications, as well as extensive educational experience, Elissa moved into learning resource development, specialising in blended learning models and design for digital technologies.


Day 2 @ 09:40

Future proofing the next generation of aged workers

last published: 12/Mar/19 05:15 GMT

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