Geoff Masters | Chief Executive Officer
Australian Council for Educational Research | Australia

Geoff Masters, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Council for Educational Research

Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Board of the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) – roles he has held since 1998.
He has a PhD in educational measurement from the University of Chicago and has published widely in the fields of educational assessment and research.
Professor Masters has conducted a number of reviews for governments, including a review of examination procedures in the NSW Higher School Certificate (2002); an investigation of options for the introduction of an Australian Certificate of Education (2005); a national review of options for reporting and comparing school performances (2008); reviews of strategies for improving literacy and numeracy learning in government schools in Queensland (2009) and the Northern Territory (2011); and a review of senior secondary assessment and tertiary entrance procedures in Queensland (2014). He has worked with the Western Australian Department of Education to develop a Principal Performance Improvement Tool (2018) and is currently leading a review of the K-12 curriculum for the New South Wales Education Standards Authority.
His contributions to education have been recognised through the award of the Australian College of Educators’ Medal (2009) and his appointment as an Officer of the Order of Australia (2014).


Day 1 @ 13:40

NSW curriculum review

  • An overview of the first comprehensive review of the whole NSW curriculum since 1989.
  • Hear what the NSW public and key stakeholders believe should be the purposes of schooling in the 21st Century, including key skills, knowledge and attributes.
  • Consider what needs to change to build on system strengths to better support teaching, learning, assessment and reporting
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