Jocelyn Brewer | Teacher And Psychologist, Creator Of Digital Nutrition
Cyberpsychology Researcher (Joceyln Brewer) | Australia

Jocelyn Brewer, Teacher And Psychologist, Creator Of Digital Nutrition, Cyberpsychology Researcher (Joceyln Brewer)

Jocelyn is a registered psychologist who is fast becoming a leading commentator on the psychology of technology and issues relating to the way digital technology shapes aspects of society, behaviour and learning. Jocelyn has over 13 years’ experience in NSW public schools as both an accredited teacher and as a school counsellor.
In 2013, Jocelyn introduced Digital Nutrition, an award-winning framework for teaching the principles of a healthy, balanced relationship with technology. It borrows from the healthy eating pyramid and food nutrition principles to communicate key concepts around screen-time limits, digital citizenship and impulse control and evaluates the cognitive benefits of apps and games.


Day 1 @ 09:05

Human + Digital(x): exploring the skills needed to build safe, savvy technology habits

  • Digital citizenship, literacy, intelligence, fluency, confidence – beyond the technical skills required for success in yet-to-be-invented 21st century careers.
  • Schools need to prepare young people with the social-emotional and critical literacy skills required to be a safe and savvy citizen in a fake-news fuelled digitally-saturated world.
  • Adolescence is a time of enormous emotional and identity development; how can we work with this to maximise our positive impact on a generation regularly bemoaned to be addicted to technology?
last published: 21/May/19 23:55 GMT

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