Jordan Foster | Psychologist | Cyber Safety Expert
ySafe | Australia

Jordan Foster, Psychologist | Cyber Safety Expert, ySafe

Jordan is formally recognised as one of Australia’s foremost cyber safety experts, having provided online safety education to over seventy-five thousand students, families and school staff Australia wide. 
Jordan is a Clinical Psychologist Registrar and the founder of ySafe, a now nationally-adopted household name in the field of cyber safety. Jordan has extensive clinical expertise in working with children and adolescents managing problematic technology use, including cyberbullying, image-based abuse, and Internet Gaming Addiction.
Traveling nationally, Jordan is sought after e-safety advisor who provides consultation to schools throughout Australia, providing empirically-derived cyber safety education sessions and assistance in identifying cyber-incident response processes and management strategies
Jordan has presented as a guest lecturer at prestigious Australian universities, provides comment in national media stories as a subject matter expert, consults with medical and mental health consortiums, and has presented as a keynote speaker at national education and cyber safety conferences.


Day 1 @ 14:10

05 | BREAKOUT: Addressing the cyber safety challenge: adopting a school-wide approach to promoting digital citizenship

30 mins

With technology use ubiquitous with student learning and engagement, cyber safety management has become embedded within the education landscape. Schools are now faced with ongoing challenges relating to adopting flexible and adaptable cyber safety initiatives, which reflect transforming trends in online practices. This session will explore a holistic approach to school-wide cyber safety management, within the context of a holistic cyber safety framework.

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