Julie Chisholm | Teacher-Librarian Junior School and K-12 Library Coordinator
Inaburra School | Australia

Julie Chisholm, Teacher-Librarian Junior School and K-12 Library Coordinator, Inaburra School

Julie has been teaching in, and managing school libraries for 28 years, following extensive classroom experience in both public and private schools. During that time, there have been many changes both in the pedagogy of teaching and learning and in the physical areas that we use. As library managers, we need to learn how to be flexible in our roles to fit 21st-century learning.

Leadership in a number of professional teacher-librarian networks has given her opportunities to share her knowledge about teaching information skills, literacy and library management. Keeping the core values of literacy and teaching information skills, we need to be flexible in our role and continue to demonstrate the value of the teacher-librarian and Libraries in schools and the necessity of the important and unique role we play in schools.

Currently serving as K-12 Library Coordinator at Inaburra School in Sydney’s south and with experience both in Primary and High School libraries, Julie has seen many changes in the way school libraries operate and their role in the school. An advocate of Inquiry-based learning, Julie has managed to adapt the role of Teacher Librarian to suit the 21st Century classroom.


Day 1 @ 11:40

The role of the teacher-librarian in 21st Century schools and classrooms

  • How the job has changed 
  • How to support classroom teachers with information skills and literacy needs 
  • Becoming the ‘21st Century Library’ and the use of: blended learning; group learning; teacher-directed learning; and flipped learning  

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