Peita Bates | Teacher And Digi-Tech Ambassador
Maryborough State High School | Australia

Peita Bates, Teacher And Digi-Tech Ambassador, Maryborough State High School

Peita is only a beginning teacher but has achieved a lot in a short time. Having previously worked in Government advisory position and operated her own business consultancy, her background has led to some different approaches to teaching. Qualifications in IT and Management, and significant experience in the community sector, means that her approach to teaching and learning is built on a holistic and collaborative foundation. She has a deep understanding of her local community and the challenges it faces but is well positioned to support the development of wide reaching solutions through the education sector. 


Day 2 @ 15:10

How the World Speaks: Coding as a Language

  • The What, Why and How of Teaching Coding as a Language
  • Future proofing a generation
  • Our approach
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