Sebastian Pfautsch | Senior Research Fellow
University of Western Sydney | Australia

Sebastian Pfautsch, Senior Research Fellow, University of Western Sydney

Dr Sebastian Pfautsch is a Senior Researcher in Urban Ecosystem Science at Western Sydney University. In his research he investigates the effects of global change and extreme climate evens on green and grey infrastructure. In his role as Research Theme Fellow (Environment and Sustainability) he develops applied science projects that allow government and industry to optimize strategies and practices to mitigate urban heat and ’future-proof’ our cities. He uses his detailed understanding of trees, microclimate, ecohydrology and management of natural resources to deliver functional concepts for cooling in parks, playgrounds, schools, carparks and many more components of the urban matrix.


Day 2 @ 09:40

Cool Schools: smart, sustainable strategies to beat the heat

  • The importance of thermal comfort for student health, wellbeing and learning
  • Strategies for managing heat in existing and new schools
  • Research gaps in relation to thermal comfort for children in schools
last published: 21/May/19 23:55 GMT

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