Collaborate, innovate & engage to realise the future now

Where else do you get the chance to meet VET and RTO experts and network with thousands of your education peers from the entire education ecosystems from schools, VETs to the Tertiary sector.

There will be presentations at the VET/RTO Leaders Congress on the themes of: VET reforming & transforming; Disruption & Agility; Employability & Entrepreneurship; Student Engagement & Choice; Enhancing Quality & VET Reputation; and identifying opportunities within the changing VET.



  • RTO Owners, TAFE Directors, CEOs

  • Principals, GMs and Heads of Departments

  • Instructional and educational designers, Blended learning Managers, eLearning Managers, Trainers / Lecturers



  • Promote professionalism and create a sense of value in VET qualifications

  • Learn how to adapt to the gig economy and the new way of working

  • See 21 Century Learning and Teaching Practices for VETs

  • Meet VET leaders from Australia, NZ and Asia

  • Hear scenarios for high-impact learning that sticks long-term for VET students

  • Find out about opportunities VET collaboration

  • Join the discussion on how best to reform the VET sector

  • Support authentic learning experiences

  • Discover new business opportunities for VETs

  • Improve the quality of teaching in VETs

  • Share strategies to improve completion rates for VET students



  • VETs International Competitiveness
  • Building partnerships in Asia for VETs
  • VET Funding & Reform
  • Latest trends and developments in VET sector
  • Promoting professionalism and value in the VET sector
  • Governance & Compliance Regulation update for VETs & RTOs
  • Student Attraction & Retention strategies
  • Mobile, Online, MOOCS and Blended case studies
  • VET Graduate Employability
  • VET sector student choice and trends through analytics
  • 21 Century Learning and Teaching Practice for Vocational Training
  • Teaching trends - from the ‘trip advisor' style of learning to content curation
  • VET EmTech - machine learning, gamification and enhancing online learning
  • Delivering mobile learning for Apprentices using exo-structures
  • Quality of teaching in VETs
  • Employee Wellness Programs



  • VETs and International Competitiveness
  • Big picture topics on VET funding and reform, trends and developments for VETs
  • Join the discussion on promoting professionalism in the VET sector and value
  • VET Governance & Compliance Regulation
  • The problem of declining VET student numbers is addressed with sessions on Student Attraction & Retention
  • The latest in teaching from the 'trip advisor' style of learning to content curation
  • VETs and EmTech with diverse topics from machine learning, gamification and enhancing online learning
  • Lots of sessions on compliance and quality



At VET/RTO Leaders Congress:

  • EduTECH expo it's where you see Education Emerging Technology first

  • We've shortened our sessions to a concise 20 - minute so we now have 20 plus speakers over the 2 days

  • New theme on neuroscience of learning and wellness

  • And EduTECH has moved back to Sydney at the new International Convention Centre



  • Pam Caven, Director Policy and Stakeholder Engagement, National Secretariat, TAFE Directors Australia

  • Jodi Schmidt, CEO, TAFE Queensland

  • Rod Camm, CEO, ACPET

  • Christina Hong, President, THEi Hong Kong

  • Marc Ratcliffe, Chief Executive Officer, MRWED Training and Assessment

  • Andrew Williamson, Executive Director, Victorian TAFE Association

  • Ralph Springett, Education Technology Manager, Weltec NZ

  • Andrew Brown, Academic and I.T. Facilitator, Tec-NQ