DAY ONE | Thursday, 8 June 2017


9:00 | Opening and Welcome by Plenary Chair

Maxine McKew, Former Commonwealth Parliamentary Secretary, National Media Personality, Author, and Hon Fellow, Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne


9:10 | Growth Mindset - Culture and Strategy

  • Connect with our world authority on Growth Mindset, and access up-to-date research and practice
  • Discover how to implement Growth Mindset to build and support learning cultures
  • Understand how to deploy and develop effective growth strategies

Prof. Carol Dweck, Lewis and Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology, Stanford University



9:45 | Panel Session: A Global Context for Education in meeting the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Hear from NGO leaders about the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Learn from global and national thinkers about the opportunity to respond to a range of pressing issues facing our planet
  • Find out what educational leaders are doing to respond to these goals in their teaching and learning

Panellists Include:
Caroline McMillen, Vice-Chancellor, University of Newcastle
Dr Helen Szoke, Chief Executive, Oxfam Australia
Dermot O'Gorman, CEO, WWF Australia

Anne Johnston, Principal, Ravenswood School for Girls


10:05 | "Equalizing education for emerging markets"

  • The mass education problem of emerging markets
  • Educational constraints for countries like India
  • The growing educational needs of the masses
  • The equalizer of technology

Bradley Loiselle, President & CEO, BetterU

10:20 | Tea & Coffee Break and Exhibition Viewing


Opening Remarks from the Workplace Learning Congress Chair
Wendy Perry
, Head Workforce Planner, Workforce BluePrint


11.00 | Advocating Working Out Loud in your organisation

Working Out Loud is a practice that combines conventional wisdom about relationships with modern ways to reach and engage people.

It's a very different approach to networking, and it starts with three questions:

1. What am I trying to accomplish?
2. Who can help me?
3. How can I contribute to them to deepen our relationship?

Michelle Ockers   Modern Workplace Learning Practitioner, L&D Strategist, Collaboration & Community Facilitator, Working Out Loud Champion 

11.40 | TAFE SA Wellness - improvements in student engagement and learning outcomes using PERMA+

TAFE SA has partnered with the Wellbeing and Resilience Centre at the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) to measure the wellbeing and resilience of staff to positively impact on students' learning outcomes.

  • Measuring and building staff wellbeing and resilience using the PERMA+ (Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishment, plus Physical Activity, Nutrition, Sleep and Optimism) measurement tool.
  • How the building of wellbeing and resilience among staff has impacted on students' learning outcomes.

Chris McCann, Wellbeing and Resilience Strategy, TAFE SA

Gabrielle Kelly, Director Wellbeing and Resilience Centre, The South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI)

12:10 | Lunch and Exhibition Viewing


1.20 | Maximising the transfer of learning to the workplace in an e-learning environment 

Our aim with workplace training is usually to see the learning transfer to workplace behaviour. In the online world we often don't see or hear from the learners so how do we know our training is working? Good design gives us some reassurance, as there are well established principles that enhance memory and learning.

Julian King, Justice Learning Manager, Learning and Development People and Culture, Department of Justice and Regulation Victoria


1:40 | Collaborative learning development at Epworth HealthCare

How 50+ Ward Clerks created their own online Orientation by attending compliance training
 A case study in collaborative blended learning
With the introduction of a standardised PD for Epworth Ward Clerks came a compliance requirement to train the current employees in their core IT systems and processes. All materials needed to be sustainable and repurposed for use in an online Orientation for new starters.
Implicit in the brief was the need to improve workplace confidence, performance, data-integrity and strengthen the community.
This case study outlines our approach to the challenge and an overview of the design that was based on the communication and participation of the current Ward Clerks - documenting the best of their expertise, questions, innovations and peer support to shape their face-to-face learning and iteratively co-create an Orientation portal.

Jane Kiddell, eLearning Education Designer, Epworth HealthCare
James Quealy, Group eLearning Manager, Epworth HealthCare



2.20 | Workplace nutrition

Zoe Bingley- Pullin, Nutritionist & Co-host Good Chef Bad Chef


2.40 | Workplace Gamification to tackle Crisis of Engagement

Worldwide, only 13% of employees are “engaged” with their work. In comparison, 24% of the workforce are categorized as “Actively Disengaged”.  In the last decade these numbers have not changed. To tackle this Crisis of Engagement, workplace innovation has focused mainly on creating function focused solutions and one-off engagement projects that were often designed with a focus on extrinsic rewards. The impact of most of these activities have been rather short lived. It is time to create human focused solutions that places long term user motivation before functionality. Don't equate creating engagement with new functionality in a CRM system; an add-on app or a stand-alone game that somehow miraculously creates such engagement out of thin air. We need to design for intrinsic motivation and empowerment of people's autonomy on the work-floor.
The Octalysis Gamification Framework provides the foundation for this much needed innovative workplace design. We have created a successful approach that, when fully integrated in the company workflow, generates much increased workplace engagement.

Joris Beerda, Managing Director, The Octalysis Group, Switzerland


3:00 | Tea & Coffee Break and Exhibition Viewing


4:00 | Breakout Seminars

Choose your 3 favourite seminars. All seminars are 30mins and will run in 3 rotations with 10mins in between each rotation to allow you to move between seminar rooms.



5:40 | Networking drinks

7:00 | Gala Dinner

DAY TWO | Friday, 9 June 2017

9.00 |Opening Remarks from the Workplace Learning Congress Chair

Richard Maloney, Founder & CEO, Engage & Grow


9.10 | The Future Workforce: Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

  • What's hot, what's new and what's coming in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics
  • Transforming how people learn at work, and the L&D function
  • AI and robotics in use - the hype, the experience and the evidence

Shara Evans, Technology Futurist and CEO, Market Clarity


9.50 | Key lessons learned from establishing an online learning system

Case study on the journey to establish an online learning environment with strong teaching and learning foundations.

  • How, why and what types of learning platforms that have been used
  • How online courses have been built
  • Is there a right or wrong in online course construction?
  • What is the role of the facilitator in an online environment?

Jasmine Malki, General Manager, Professional Development, National Home Doctor Service

10:10 | Tea & Coffee Break and Exhibition Viewing


10.50 | Blended learning in a digital company
Even when a company might exist and be No.1 in the digital space it does not mean that they think digitally about their own development. We have strived to get people to learn in ways they would use technology in their person life. The culture of SEEK also is fast paced and is renowned as an employer of choice.

Robin Yarham, National Training Manager - Sales & Service, SEEK Limited


11.30 | How blended learning initiatives have been instrumental to Medibank's success

E-learning and M-learning: How to keep people on the learning path in a virtual world

  • Transition to an entirely blended virtual and remotely delivered solution at Medibank
  • Application of these innovative and cost-effective engagement and management strategies
  • Online tools utilised in the development, delivery and evaluation of this program and dealing with technological challenges
  • Maintaining learner engagement
Graham Gubbels, Head of Learning & Development Talent, Capability & Culture, People & Culture, Medibank

11:50 | Tea & Coffee Break and Exhibition Viewing


1.20 | Challenges and opportunities of a global LMS

Delivering a world class digital learning experience to over 19,000 learners distributed across 18 countries requires a fully integrated Learning Management System (LMS), customised for your needs.

  • LMS functionality that delivers on the latest trends
  • Approaches to adapt the LMS for your needs
  • Engaging and supporting learner needs whilst demonstrating ROI

Beth Hall, Head of Learning Design, Cotton On Group


1.40 | Workforce Training Needs - Partnerships that Work

This presentation will provide examples of successful TAFE/Industry partnerships focused on the development and implementation of whole of workforce development solutions (state and national) which make use of e-learning. The presentation will highlight the key factors to ensuring a successful partnership and scalable e-learning solution.

  • Best practice e-learning design processes to meet industry needs at a state and/or national level
  • Examples of partnership types with benefit to the RTO and Industry
  • Micro-learning and competency based education
  • Suitable workforce development and learning design strategies

Brad Beach, Manager - Professional Educator College, Chisholm Institute

2:20 | Tea & Coffee Break and Exhibition Viewing



3:00| Panel discussion: What does the future hold for the workforce learning profession?

Social and technological developments are continually changing the way we work and learn, so what will tomorrow's L&D departments look like? Discussion will cover:

  • Opportunities for 21st Century Learning
  • Which technological advances will prove to be game-changing in the long-run?
  • What elements of L&D will remain constant in the midst of change?


Lorraine Salloum, Director Organisational Development and Learning, NSW Department of Family and Community Services
Joris Beerda,
Managing Director, The Octalysis Group
Annabelle Larkham, Head of Learning and Development, Toll Holdings
Gareth George
, Organisational Development Manager, Caltex Associate
Professor Philip Uys,
Director Learning Technologies, Charles Sturt University

3.30 |Close of Workplace Learning Congress


3:55 | Welcome back by Plenary Chair

Maxine McKew, Former Commonwealth Parliamentary Secretary, National Media Personality, Author, and Hon Fellow, Graduate School of Education University of Melbourne


4:00 | Embracing the New Work Order

  • Hear leading new research about the changing nature of the enterprise
  • Adapt and respond in the face of rapid technological and workplace change
  • Identify the entrepreneurial skills required by today's youth and workforce

Jan Owen AM Hon DLitt, Chief Executive Officer, Foundation for Young Australians


4.40 | Plenary Chair Closing Remarks
Maxine McKew, Former Commonwealth Parliamentary Secretary, National Media Personality, Author, and Hon Fellow, Graduate School of Education University of Melbourne