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  • Strengthen Pharmacovigilance with More Effective Content Collaboration

    Wednesday 08 December 2021

    11:00 [EST]

    In an increasingly outsourced and virtual workforce environment, the need for more effective and easier collaboration is accelerating adoption of cloud technologies. Seamlessly incorporating internal and external parties into end-to-end processes and providing a single source of safety data and content is driving efficiencies while improving compliance and global visibility. See a live demo on how cloud-based approaches to managing safety content, including PSMF and PV agreements, are enabling companies to easily collaborate with partners, and meet growing regional requirements and oversight.

  • #EDUTECHASIA LIVE WEBINARS: Producing future-ready graduates to match the needs of today’s digital economy

    Thursday 09 December 2021

    16:00 [WIB (GMT +7)]

    The global economy is undergoing a digital transformation with greater integration of digital technology into services and businesses. This has generated an appetite and need for graduates that are digital-ready. Universities need to meet this demand by equipping their students with the critical skills to navigate and excel in this digital economy. From industry partnerships to rethinking curriculums, higher education institutions play a central role in developing employability skills in their students.

  • #EDUTECHASIA LIVE WEBINARS: Membangun lingkungan pembelajaran hybrid yang tangguh untuk memastikan pembelajaran yang berkelanjutan / Building resilient hybrid learning environments to ensure continued learning

    Thursday 10 February 2022

    16:00 [WIB (GMT +7)]

    This session will be conducted in Bahasa Indonesia. Technology-enabled teaching and learning has proved to be essential in ensuring continued schooling in times of difficulty. However, face-to-face interaction and engagement are still critical for developing certain skills and knowledge in our K-12 students. The hybrid classroom model provides the opportunity for schools to build on the gains from online learning but continue interacting with students in-person for collaborative and interactive learning. However, such a model requires the cooperation and work of multiple stakeholders including teachers, parents, students, and school management. This session explores the different needs of these stakeholders and how they play an important role in managing a hybrid learning environment.

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